The Pros and Cons of Overconfidence during an Irish Practical Test

There are many aspiring drivers who have enough experience at the wheel. There are many who have very limited exposure. It is natural for those with limited exposure to lack confidence and those who have enough hours clocked during practices will tend to be surer of their driving. The former can lead to anxiousness and the latter can lead to feeling overconfident. Both are undesirable traits.

Since it is expected that you would have enough experience through practices before the Irish practical test, let us focus on the overconfidence that you will be susceptible to and what its pros and cons are.

  • The biggest advantage of being overconfident is the absence of anxiety.

    You will be at ease, you will be sure of your driving, you will know exactly where every component of the console is, your hands on the steering wheel will be perfectly poised, you will ooze confidence which will be visible and the examiner will certainly have a nice first impression of you. The physical traits and the psychological condition or state of the mind will be in your favour. However, that is where the flipside is born.

  • You being overconfident will make you a tad complacent as is the case with any kind of superior feeling.

    This paves the way for errors that you don’t think you will make but you might. Since you wouldn’t be focusing on the little things, having been assured by yourself that you wouldn’t make silly errors, you may end up making these otherwise minute mistakes. These mistakes will not directly lead to your failure if there are very few but if you make a dozen odd minor mistakes then you are headed for failure. Watch out for all the potholes in your driving to avert making mistakes.

  • There is another disadvantage of being overconfident during an Irish practical test.

    You wouldn’t be expecting to make errors and you certainly think the license is yours for the taking. But if you make one mistake, it can bring down your confidence like a pack of cards. Many people who anticipate problems will watch out for their weaknesses and be cautious at the time they make a mistake. Moments thereon they will be overly cautious and take very conscious steps. Being overconfident will let your guard down and one mistake will lead to more mistakes, consciously or subconsciously.

Be at ease, be confident but know that anyone can make mistakes during an Irish practical test.




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