Practical test in Ireland

When taking a practical test in Ireland you will be taught that seat belts and airbags are the main factors responsible

When it comes to protecting the driver and the passenger at the time of an accident. Therefore, all drivers and passengers are obliged to use seat belts every time they are in a car. The highest number of injures happen because drivers or passengers did not respect the obligation to wear a seat belt.

What happens if you don’t use the seat belt?

In a frontal collision, the vehicle will immediately be stopped and the bodies of the drivers and passengers will continue to move with the speed that the vehicle had before the crash. But in such moments, when drivers and passengers wear seat belts it will not allow their bodies to move and prevent possible injuries.

When taking a practical test in Ireland you need to make sure that the seat belt functions properly it should be used in a proper way. Yes, there is a proper way to use a seat belt. The first thing you should do is adjust the seat making sure it provides a full support of your body. It should be slightly tilted backwards which allows us to correctly put the seat belt on. The seat belt should go through our chest and the stomach. Be careful and make sure that the part of the seat belt that goes through the chest is not too close to the neck. Do not keep your cell phone or other object near it, like many people do. You are not allowed to use some kind of object to make sure that the seat belt is tight enough. This means that your seat belt does not work properly and it simply loses its function. In this case, take the car to a mechanic and ask for the seat belt to be fixed. Do not do it on your own if you do not have any experience with it, you will only make it worse.

In addition to the safety belts, it is required for drivers and passengers to have their headrest properly adjusted. The headrests have a similar protective characteristic on the human body. But how does a properly adjusted headrest look like? The upper edge of the headrest should not be lower than the eyes and the seat should be closer to the back of the head. The purpose of the headrests is to reduce the risk of head and neck injuries when it comes to an accident. It will protect the spine and the back from fractures that sometimes can even be fatal. All these protective measures are important for your own protection.


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