Get Accustomed with Unknown Routes before an Irish Practical Test

Most people learn to drive in their neighbourhood. Many go to a driving school and use their premises. Almost everyone will drive on roads in the area. You may drive to and from school or college, the local convenience stores and other destinations of choice. It is normal for aspiring drivers not to venture on roads that they are not aware of or not accustomed with. Some adventurous teenagers and young adults will go on road trips and perhaps explore new routes even without a license but that is not advisable.

Take your trainer, a senior who has a driver’s license or whoever is training you along and tread unknown routes. These routes will obviously be known to your trainer, family member or perhaps your friend who has a license but they shouldn’t be routes you are accustomed with as far as driving is concerned. You will have travelled on these roads but make sure you drive on different roads before you go for an Irish practical test.

  • You don’t know what kind of routes you would be taken on or be asked to drive along when you go for the Irish practical test. You will know where the centre is and you may know the roads leading to and from the address. But you can always be asked to take certain turns leading to specific lanes or roads. You would be a tad perplexed with those instructions if you have only practiced on the road in your neighbourhood. When you are too familiar with a particular road or route while driving, you get comfortable and you wouldn’t make mistakes. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are a great driver, unless you have the years of experience and mileage to show.
  • highway-1209547_1920When you practice driving on new roads and handle different traffic conditions, you will become a better driver. The challenges would be different and you would have to improve your driving. You will also need to adapt. These changes, from adapting to dealing with new challenges, will make you a better driver and that shall add to your confidence. This confidence shows and will help you during an Irish practical test. If you have never ventured on roads having distinctly different traffic conditions than the road you have driven on, then you would be unnerved and you will commit mistakes. These mistakes can fail you at an Irish practical test.



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