Get Accustomed with the Theory Test in Ireland

Every aspiring driver needs to pass the theory test in Ireland followed by the practical test.

The theory test in Ireland can be taken at test centres and it is largely online. You can choose the type of vehicle you wish to have the license for and barring the general rules of the road, you will be tested on your vehicle specific knowledge, for instance vans or cars, personal vehicles with trailers, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

The theory test in Ireland is a questionnaire with multiple choices for every question. Usually, there are four possible answers and you have to choose the right one. In some cases, there can be fewer or more options but it is not common. Let us get accustomed with the kind of questions you need to answer in a theory test in Ireland.

  • You may be asked what you should do if an elderly person is crossing the road.
  • You may be provided the options of increasing the noise of the engine to warn the elderly person of your vehicular approach or blow the horn to alert them or you could reduce the speed and allow the person to cross the road safely or you can increase the speed of your car and drive by quickly before the person can cross.

  • You will be shown road signs and you will have to pick the right option which explains the road sign or what it stands for.
  • You need to be aware of the signs. Else it could be very confusing. You may be asked questions such as what you could encounter if you have not changed the engine oil of the car at the right time, what kind of roads you can drive while having a learner permit, which lanes you should drive on in specific circumstances or on certain thoroughfares, how you should take turns at the crossroads and other busy intersections among others.

  • You need to learn the rules of driving, laws pertaining to lanes, road signs and every best practice pertaining to driving.
  • Only then would you be able to surely pick the right options. Given the choices, it is easy to guess and you may even be right with your guess at times. But when there are confusing choices, when you get perplexed between two similar answers or if it is a trick question, then you will falter.



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