Examples of Questions of a typical Irish Theory Test

The Irish theory test is taken by anyone who has a learner permit or a provisional license and wants a driver’s license. The Irish theory test will depend on the type of vehicle you have chosen. Motorcycles and cars have different questionnaires, so do trucks or vans and vehicles with trailers. The rules of the road will obviously apply to all, so would safety and hazard spotting. The questions specific to the vehicle being driven will depend on the chosen car or motorcycle.

Let us explore some of the typical questions of an Irish theory test.


  • You will be asked theoretical questions and you would be show images or signs and you have to identify them. For instance, you would be shown a yellow line, a stop sign, a stop sign with no line, different kinds of lane signs, markings and abbreviations which you must be able to identify. There would be four options for you to choose from. It is possible that there is no right answer or all are right answers and you have to choose accordingly. In most cases however there is only one right answer. The images can get tricky for those who have not seen them before. Do not presume that you know them or will be able to answer them because you have multiple choices. Always get accustomed with all the signs before you sit for an Irish theory test.
  • There are some very standard questions such as which lane you should drive in on particular roads such as highways or residential areas. There would be technical questions pertaining to driving or the vehicle you have chosen. In some cases, you would be asked questions that might appear to be a tad unconventional. For instance, you may be asked which vehicles you should make way for when you are at a crossroad or intersection where all sides are equally important. The right answer is allowing people or vehicles from the right. You could be asked where you should stop if you see a stop sign but there is no stop line to follow. The answer is you must stop right at the stop sign, just before it.

car-932339_1920You should practice your driving and at the same time get accustomed with rules of the road, traffic norms, laws pertaining to driving including the possible fines and you must be prepared to answer questions on safety and hazard.


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