Be Physically & Psychologically Prepped For An Irish Driving Test

You might wonder why some people fail the Irish driving test at their first attempt. In all fairness, driving is not steering a spaceship, although there are people who would cite the fact that spaceships have automation technology that cars are light years away from. It is not fair to compare unalike scenarios. Flying an airbus or jet is a different ballgame. But the truth is that driving is relatively simpler and anyone with the minimum cognitive skills should be able to master. Yet, there are thousands of first timers or learners who fail the Irish driving test in their first attempt.

The reason why so many people fail is rather simple. They make mistakes. Many would commit errors during the theory test. Many would make mistakes during the practical test. If some make mistakes in both, then there is really no chance of passing the Irish driving test. There is some room allowing you to make mistakes but you cannot keep committing one error after another. You need to get most of the theory questions right. You must not make any grave errors during the practical test. Minor issues or hiccups during the practical test, amounting to less than half a dozen harmless and absolutely acceptable glitches will not result in your failure.

The only way you can be better poised for an Irish driving test is to prepare yourself physically and psychologically. You must not be unwell or uncomfortable at the time of sitting for the theory test or during the practical test. While the theory test may be still doable if you are unwell, the practical test would require you to be in your best of health. It must be noted that most learners lose their nerve during the driving practical test. It is not that they don’t know how to drive or that they are incompetent. Most people are tensed and they fail to contain their nerves. Hence, being completely fit and healthy during the practical test is imperative.

mini-1027851_1280You should also be prepped psychologically and we are not talking about the cognitive skills or knowledge. You must not be distracted. You must not be stressed. You should not have too many things on your mind. You must be at ease and should be mentally ready for the test. That is the only way you can ensure sufficient confidence to pass the Irish driving test at the very first attempt.



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