Basics of the Irish Driving Test

The Irish Driving test is a notoriously difficult driving test administered by the Road Safety Authority, or RSA, of Ireland. Statistics show that a whopping 45% of people who take the test will fail the first time. The test is a rigorous examination of your ability to drive which will set test takers back €110.


What Is On The Irish Driving Test


The Irish Driving Test will take applicants around 30 to 40 min to complete and will examine a variety of skills ranging from how different parts of the car work to practice maneuvers on the road. During this time it is essential that applicants show a high competency of the road and drive with regards to safety and amenity to other drivers on the road.


The test will begin in one of the testing center’s rooms. There they will check the validity of your provisional license and ask a few general driving knowledge questions. From there you will go to your vehicle and the tester will have you show them where to find essential elements under the hood such such as engine oil, engine coolant, dipstick, brake fluid, and the windshield washer fluid reservoir. After you have properly demonstrated your knowledge of things outside the car you will proceed inside the car. There you will be asked to show the examiner where to locate the fog lights, air conditioner, window wipers, defoggers, temperature controls, and indicators.


After that, the examiner will direct you onto the road where they will test your driving skills.


It is generally recommended that people take at least 5-6 lessons with a driving school before attempting a road test. During the test the examiner will be checking how well you are using your mirrors, turn signals, and checking your blind spot. Additionally they will asses your awareness of other cars, the speed limit, road signs and markers, and they may even have you demonstrate that you know how to use hand signals.


The tester will give you six main instructions during the test:

Turns (Left and Right)

A U-turn

Reverse around a curb

Move off

Hill start

and Pull in along the left


mini-1027851_1280After the completion of the test you will go back to the exam room that you began in and the tester will explain the results of your test. If you pass you are given a Certificate of Competency with which you may apply for your license. If you do not apply for the license within two years of receiving the Certificate you must take the test again. If after the completion of the test you do not pass you will be given a detailed list of the reasons. It is advised that you take this list to an instructor who can help you see what you did wrong and explain in more detail than the examiner is allowed to do.

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