A Sneak Peek into the Irish Theory Test

The Irish theory test is a written exam that all aspiring drivers will need to appear for. Upon passing the Irish theory test, you would have to attend a physical or practical test subsequent to which you would get a driver’s license. Like most countries, the Irish theory test depends on the type of license you need. There is one for motorcycles, one for cars and light vans, cars and light vans with trailers, tractor and works vehicles, commercial licenses for goods and passenger vehicles. B is the category for cars and light vans. EB is the category for cars and light vans with trailers. W is the category for works vehicles and tractors.

An Irish theory test is quite easy but you do need adequate preparation. The questionnaire has multiple choices for each question. You would typically get four options and you have to choose the correct answer. While the multiple choices do help you to get an answer right even if you don’t know it, the same options can also perplex you and may even lead you to the wrong answer due to that confusion. You have to know the answers to be sure.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of questions you may have to answer in an Irish theory test:

  • car-932339_1920The question could be: “What should a driver do if they see an elderly person crossing the road up ahead?” and the possible answers to choose from can be (a) Increase engine noise to warn the person of your approach, (b) Sound the horn to warn them that you are approaching and maintain your speed, (c) Reduce speed and let the person to complete the crossing safely or (d) Increase speed to pass quickly.
  • You could be shown the image of a sign that you would come across while driving and you may be asked: “What does this sign mean?” The possible answers can be confusing if you don’t know exactly what the sign means.
  • Then there can be questions like “What may happen if the vehicle’s engine oil is not changed regularly?” or “What roads are learner permit holders allowed to drive on?”, “What lanes should you drive on in ‘a particular city’” or “How you should take a right/left turn at a crossroad”, among others.

You should get some mock questionnaires to practice the Irish theory test.


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