How to Completely Own a Driving Test in Ireland

    You may be nervous before a driving test in Ireland. You may be overconfident.You could be calm and composed, enjoying your moment of truth.

    Whatever psychological experience you encounter, you must be able to own the driving test in Ireland. Having excessive confidence is just as bad as having no confidence. Also, being too sure of yourself is equally bad as not being certain that you have what it takes to pass the test.

    Whether or not you would own the driving test in Ireland will not entirely depend on your state of being before and during the test. It will depend largely on what you do leading up to the test.

    Here are some tips that can be of immense help:

  • You must try to master a few skills that amateur drivers tend to shy away from. Many experienced drivers have their Achilles heels and you may too. It is acceptable to have some glitches in your skills but they should not be major or consequential, either compromising safety or jeopardising your driving skill. While you would begin driving like everyone else, you should move to complex skills after you get accustomed with typical driving. Focus on the blind spot and master it. You are likely to have blind spots when you are driving to someplace, when you are parking and even when you are rolling out of your driveway. Every driver has to deal with these blind spots. Those who are getting trained or have limited experience will have more trouble in dealing with the blind spots. Master it and you would have the confidence needed to own the driving test in Ireland.
  • There are always some shortcomings of most drivers. Some people struggle with reverse, some struggle with roundabouts, some don’t feel very confident in rush hour traffic or changing lanes when there are too many vehicles to manoeuvre in the adjacent lane and some don’t like uphill or downhill drives. You must be able to identify what you are strong at and what you are not too confident about. Focus on the latter. Perfect your skills so you don’t lose your calm and poise when the same challenges need to be dealt with during a driving test in Ireland.
  • Start observing how other people drive, what they do in specific situations and that will help you to anticipate the responses of fellow drivers on the road. Don’t go on an overdrive with anticipations but try to be a better judge of other drivers so you can respond or even be proactive accordingly.


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